BBC Newsbeat

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Originally broadcast at 17:45 on Tuesday 31st January 2017, this BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat episode focussed on a wide range of different topics including: plans to train millions of new apprentices, loneliness, Trump firing his top lawyer and the secret market of baby chimpanzees.

The show begins with upbeat music in the background while a menu of what the show will consist of is read out. Soundbites of Donald Trump from his American TV show ‘The Apprentice’ are cleverly used to introduce two different segments including “you’re fired” relating to Trump sacking Sally Yates after she refused to defend his immigration order. The opposing quote “you’re hired” is then used for the headline of millions of new apprenticeship opportunities. Reflecting the target audience for the station; “a broad range of young listeners” (BBC, unknown), these clips make serious news much more light-hearted and therefore will engage the specific audience that the BBC wants to appeal mostly to.

The pre-recorded material used during the segment on apprenticeships makes good use of actuality and enables listeners to go on the journey of  getting the presenter Nick Rotherham’s  hair cut with him. Sound clips from the hairdryer, running water from the hair wash basin and the buzz of the clippers are all appropriately positioned to help listeners get a feel for the environment of the hairdressers as he casually interviews apprentices while they complete his haircut. This particular storyline will be of interest to many of Radio 1’s expected young audience as they themselves may be considering an apprenticeship or have started out as one.

Each story is very well researched, for example an undercover journalist is sent to West Africa to help take down criminals selling baby chimps as pets. BBC  Newsbeat have been awarded for this recieving a Sony Radio Academy award in 2013 with the citation “real investigative journalism, which is well tailored with audience interaction” (BBC,2013). There is advice and personal experiences included with the piece focusing on loneliness which will connect with listeners on a more personal level. There are also frequent references to multiplatform content available for example on twitter with a picture of a chimpanzee.

In conclusion, Newsbeat does well to interact with their audience, encouraging them to further look into each of their stories by visiting their website reflecting that they know their audience. It selects its storylines with their listeners in mind and acknowledges that the younger generation will appreciate a different kind of news to what you could expect from Radio 4, for example.


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