Newsbeat – Fruit and Veg Location Story

We’ve all heard it a million times before and the vast majority of us can admit that although we know we should, we  don’t eat out five a day. The struggle has now however doubled in size with scientists claiming that ‘although eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day is good, ten is better’ Dr Dagfinn Aune (Boseley, 2017).

Will Chalk, a journalist at BBC Newsbeat, is sent out around Northampton to get his 10 portions of fruit in an attempt to follow the new health guidelines in this episode of Newsbeat. There is plenty of actuality as he walks out of the store and interviews as passerby who sounds as though they’re a young person and therefore part of BBC Radio 1’s target audience (BBC Radio 1 – BBC Trust, unknown). It’s friendly as he gives him a kiwi as well as very casual and we then hear his reaction to a piece of fruit flying away giving an element of comedy to the story. Throughout we hear clips of him at different stages of the day and there is also a commentary which has been later recorded in the studio tying it all together. To introduce the nutritionist Andy Fox, who has been a nutritionist for 7 years (nutritionist resource, unknown), there’s a brief greeting between the two which provides flow between the different sections, quickly followed by Fox introducing himself. During the interview, many listeners will find themselves relating to the diet that Chalk has had for that day and so the opinion of Andy Fox will be of interest to them.

In time for the second broadcast of Newsbeat on Thursday 24 February, Will Chalk tweeted a picture of the basket which he talked about on the show. Again this will draw in the target audience for BBC Radio 1 as mostly young people use twitter and will become aware of the topic of the show.


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