Vice Docs -What Women Have To Lose From an Obamacare Repeal

When it comes to political news, people will usually think of a boring long article that is hard to follow. The rich and well-educated are the best informed on this topic and this is reflected with the array of politicians that we see in both Parliament and the White House, although it may be argued that with the recent US election – this is no longer the case.

I watched this Vice short documentary titled ‘What Women Have To Lose From an Obamacare Repeal’. I was surprised to find an interesting 3 and a half-minute clip that was well researched and easy to understand. It wasn’t the usual tedious politician using words that you didn’t even know were in the dictionary, which inevitably leaves you confused and no better informed than before you watched it. Instead a friendly young woman, who is obviously very passionate about the subject, uses graphs on the percentage of uniformed adults and animated bullet points which describe reasons insurance companies would discriminate against women, making a dull topic interesting. She lays out exactly what repealing Obamacare would mean for women, for example birth control would no longer be free and the whole video only focuses on women so there is only a small amount of information to take in.

The presenter is dressed in casual clothes, with her hair just left in its natural state. She doesn’t have a posh accent either and will therefore be able to relate to the younger audience they target: ‘our 500 publishers target a youthful influential 18 to 34-year-old Millenial audience from global to local level’ (Vice Digital, unknown). This shows that Vice has a good understanding of who their audience are and what they want and is reflected in that Vice have been nominated for 8 Emmy Awards and have won 2 (Emmys, unknown).


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