I will be the first to admit that when preparing for my pitch I made a HUGE mistake: I didn’t read the module handbook. Instead I got stuck into coming up with my idea based around the examples from last year and so decided to base my location piece around ‘The One show’. There is one slight problem with this idea however: it’s not one of the programmes set for this years Research and Pre-Production’s assignment. Instead I should have chosen from BBC Radio One Newsbeat, BBC 5 Live Breakfast, The Gadget Show, Vice Documentaries, BBC 3 or Blue Peter.

My original idea and the one I pitched was all about ‘wearable tech’, by which I mean devices such as the Fitbit or Apple Watch which were hugely popular when they first hit our shops, however we have now started to see a massive drop in sales figures with profits being halved. This would have been the focus of my location piece and because it’s more of a news story, I would have chosen to feature it on The One Show rather than The Gadget Show. The run through of how it would have played out goes as follows: it would have begun with some facts and figures about the failing sales of the products, comparing now with back when they first launched. I would have then featured a run through of the most popular makes and models, then putting the to the test at ‘Go Ape’ with two gym members taking part in each activity of either running, walking, cycling or the tree top adventure which is the main attraction at ‘Go Ape’, each wearing a different device to compare how they perform. The results of the products and opinions on them from the people who took part in the activity.

I found the contributor Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight in Slough who would be able to provide the facts and figures at the start. I would also have included members of Synergy Health and Fitness, also in Slough, who would be able to test out the pieces of wearable tech at go ape and give their opinions. I chose Phil Tufnell to present the segment; a former cricketer who is therefore in to fitness and a regular reporter for the one show.

I presented my idea to Lyndon who straight away pointed out my mistake when I’d finished my pitch. He gave me ideas on how to adapt the piece to better suit The Gadget show including the have the presenters try to build their own take on the popular wearable technologies in a set amount of time. Lyndon explained that this idea would possibly be slightly out dated for The Gadget show as it is more likely to feature brand new devices such as the Nintendo Switch which has just been released.

Taking all of my feedback on board, I have now decided to create an entirely different idea for my location piece. With easter fast approaching, I will instead base my idea around the tradition in many primary schools of creating an easter bonnet. I will always remember the fun I had when attempting to make the most extravagant hat to parade around the main hall in while trying to wow the judges.

My new location piece idea will focus around exactly that, following two children’s journeys as they create their easter bonnet. It will go through the stages from designing their hats on paper, to then visiting a craft shop to get all the supplies they need, creating their masterpieces and  finally being judged in the final competition. My segment will feature on Blue Peter as they often include similar competitions to this, such as the Cornish Pasty competition at The Eden Project.


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